Tinkergarten Leader, Revive the Roots board member, and our Hiking & Tour Coordinator, Jennifer LaPreste is sharing this sweet Dandelion Challenge and helping to inform everyone about how important they are for bees early in spring. ? ?
Did you know that dandelions provide an important early food source for bees? This spring, we’re saving the dandelions in support of our buzzing friends, the bees! ? Join us in picking just one dandelion and making dandelion-inspired art to spread awareness around bees and the impact they have on our planet.

Take the #DandelionChallenge:

•Pick just one dandelion – save the rest for the bees!

•Make “Save the Dandelion” art.

•Inspire thousands of other families when you share your child’s artwork on social, tag @tinkergarten, and use the hashtag #DandelionChallenge.

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