Angell Farms

Education and Sustainability

Angell Farms

Angell Farms has partnered with Revive the Roots, as a social enterprise, to grow fresh healthy food at Mowry Commons.

Jonathan Guise

Agricultural Director

Briana Scorpio

Cultivation & Harvesting

Community Supported Agriculture

Angell Farms offers a season long CSA (community supported agriculture) program which you can buy into for the season and receive a basket of fresh produce weekly. This Model helps support your local farmers and provides a measure of security and trust between the farmers and the consumers (you)! Contact to sign up for the 2018 season!

Community Work-Share

Angell Farms offers the opportunity for dedicated growers of different levels of experience to off-set the costs of a CSA farm share by joining the team out in the field!

Growing Methods

Angell Farms is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy produce in the truest sense possible. Our team works with a variety of growing methods to make sure you’re putting the best food forward, on your kitchen table.

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