Welcome to winter. Just as the snow begins to bury our memories of sweet summer strawberries and buzzing bumble bees, we’d like to remind you all about the best part of winter– getting ready for spring.

We’ve been getting excited here at Revive the Roots, and with our excitement we’d like to introduce you to our new logo and a sneak peek at our new (and improved) website. With the growing season coming to an end, we’ve been able to focus our attention on next season.

We’re working day and night to bring you the best of everything we offer come 2015. Our new site will feature content in a more streamlined fashion and contain even more information about all of our projects to keep you connected with us like never before.

Teachers will be happy to find a section dedicated to our educational programming and workshops that we will begin offering come spring. We’ve already run many of our programs in schools across the state, and we’re finally ready to bring them to you.

Keep that hot cocoa close by as we post more about the redesign, next season, and what Revive the Roots has planned for the winter and beyond.

Thanks for all of your continued support. – RTR

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