Community Gardens

Community Gardens at Mowry Commons

We provide two distinct community garden programs allowing people of all backgrounds and skill levels to participate in a variety of ways and learn about organic gardening practices. All gardeners are part of a knowledge-sharing community with access to fresh produce and regular activities including educational workshops, community potlucks and team working bees.

Cooperative Workshare Gardens

The Cooperative work share garden is a unique community gardening program that welcomes members of all talents and skill levels. Under the guidance of the Steward of Food Production and Community Gardens shareholders work together to grow a variety of annual and perennial crops in a large plot that grows in size to fit the needs of the gardeners. Each shareholder commits to tend the garden weekly from May-September and in exchange receives a full share of the produce at every harvest. Shareholders are included in all garden planning including decisions about the planting schedule, work-days and the watering roster. The co-operative model makes the most of everyone’s contribution, providing gardeners with a regular supply of seasonal produce for a relatively small time commitment. This program also provides excellent learning opportunities and allows for rotational gardening practices, which sustain and enrich the soils each year.

Work-Share Application

Personal Garden Plots

Our individual plot garden program provides an opportunity to rent one of several garden beds for the season. Plot-holders are responsible for planting, harvesting and watering their own plots throughout the season. This program allows experienced gardeners to participate in the wider garden community while allowing them a space to grow their choice of annual plants.  Individual plot gardeners can access the garden any time during daylight hours and are encouraged to participate in a watering roster and bi-monthly garden meetings.

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