Lantern Walk

03 Nov 16:00:00 to 17:00:00 Revive the Roots

This November 3rd Tinkergarten and Revive the Roots team up for a special night time walk! The end of Daylight Savings Time and the approach of dark and cold winter is a transition for all of us. Let us celebrate this change by embracing family and friends, by finding fun things to do in the dark and by wrapping up in our hats and scarves!  

Do not be Afraid of the Dark

Don’t be afraid of the dark, little one,

The earth must rest when the day is done.

The sun must be harsh, but moonlight – never!

And those stars will be shining forever and ever,

Be friends with the Night, there is nothing to fear,

Just let your thoughts travel to friends far and near.

By day, it does seem that our troubles won’t cease,

But at night, late at night, the world is at peace.

Poem by Ruskin Bond

This FREE event is a magical way to help little ones see the beauty in the darkness that comes with the end of Daylight Saving Time. Register for this free event today.

Click here!

All info you’ll find by clicking the link above. If you are not currently enrolled in a Tinkergarten class you will need to provide your own lanterns. Directions on how you can make your own lanterns with your little kiddos can be found also by going to the link or you’re welcome to bring a simple flashlight or a camping lantern with you. *** Please note there will be no actual fire/flames allowed.***

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