Are you a motivated Self-Starter in need of land that wants to grow your own food while bringing a community together for the same purpose? 

If so you might be the right person to join the team of Revive the Roots at Mowry Commons (Smithfield, RI)

Position Title: Steward of Food Production and Community Gardens

Duration: May – October of 2016

About Revive the Roots and Mowry Commons

Revive the Roots is a non-profit organization based out of Smithfield, RI. Our mission is to create ecologically regenerative and dynamic social spaces through the education and practice of permaculture.


By working with students and faculty at local schools, we have planted edible forest gardens and annual vegetable gardens throughout northern Rhode Island. At our public grounds, Mowry Commons, we provide space for people to grow their own food, explore trails along the Woonasquatucket river, and connect with their family and friends. We also host a series of events and workshops to bring together and educate the public about permaculture and sustainable practices. Overall, Revive the Roots is meant to serve as an educational and recreational hub in Smithfield, and also as an example for the rest of Rhode Island to nurture both community and local ecology.


Community Garden Program Descriptions

Providing an accessible place for people to grow their own food in a sustainable way is an integral part of the activities of Revive the Roots at Mowry Commons. We provide two distinct community garden programs allowing people of all backgrounds and skill levels to participate in a variety of ways and learn about organic gardening practices. All gardeners are part of a knowledge-sharing community with access to fresh produce and regular activities including educational workshops, community potlucks and team working bees.


Co-operative Work-Share Gardens

The Cooperative work share garden is a unique community gardening program that welcomes members of all talents and skill levels. Under the guidance of the Steward of Food Production and Community Gardens shareholders work together to grow a variety of annual and perennial crops in a large plot that grows in size to fit the needs of the gardeners. Each shareholder commits to tend the garden weekly from May-September and in exchange receives a full share of the produce at every harvest. Shareholders are included in all garden planning including decisions about the planting schedule, work-days and the watering roster. The co-operative model makes the most of everyone’s contribution, providing gardeners with a regular supply of seasonal produce for a relatively small time commitment. This program also provides excellent learning opportunities and allows for rotational gardening practices, which sustain and enrich the soils each year.


Individual Plot Community Gardens

Our individual plot garden program provides an opportunity to rent one of several garden beds for the season. Plot-holders are responsible for planting, harvesting and watering their own plots throughout the season. This program allows experienced gardeners to participate in the wider garden community while allowing them a space to grow their choice of annual plants.  Individual plot gardeners can access the garden any time during daylight hours and are encouraged to participate in a watering roster and bi-monthly garden meetings.

The Steward of Food Production and Community Gardens…

Has Responsibilities:

  • Oversee garden maintenance at Mowry Commons in Smithfield, RI

  • Coordinate Community Garden and Cooperative Work-share program for 2016 season

  • Work with Steward of Community Development(S.C.D.) to contact gardeners from seasons past to assure retention

  • Recruit new members for the Community Garden and Cooperative Workshare Program with assistance of S.C.D.

  • Establish educational opportunities for members of both programs

  • Establish Community Work-share program schedule and oversee the distribution of produce

  • Hold and facilitate meetings for Individual Plot Community Garden Program& Cooperative Work-share program

  • Part Time Schedule of 15- 25 hours per week


Must Meet Qualifications:

  • At least 4 – 6 years of Farm work experience (or equivalent education)

  • Some education or equivalent experience in the areas of community development or non-profit/business management prefered not required

  • Thorough knowledge of sustainable/organic growing techniques

  • Some knowledge of Permaculture Design principles preferred

  • Must pass Background Check


Receives Benefits (specifics to be negotiated):

  • As a Steward of Revive the Roots you are eligible to participate in decision making for the entire 501c(3) organization

  • FREE access to land at Mowry Commons to sell for profit with Roadside frontage on State highway 104 (acreage and % of sales TBD with selected applicant)

  • Potential Stipend for community garden sales

  • Access to our already established network of contacts and supporters

  • Flexibility of adapting this program to your scheduling needs and your strengths

  • Can potentially receive college credits if current student


To apply:

Please submit a Resume and Cover Letter to Gregory Sankey, Steward of Community Development, via CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS 2-09-2016

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